Select Model Management is a professional model and talent management company. We are qualified to provide all the guidance and support services that professional models need and deserve.

  • Models are hired by a Client through an Agency. The Agency charges a commission fee to both the Client and the Model. This is how a legitimate Agency earns their income.
  • From years of experience and close communication with their clients, a legitimate Agency will only represent those that they believe they can get work for.
  • No other modeling agency or management company in our region comes close to our experience and skill level.
  • Select Model Management is in a customer service business. The people that we represent are with us because they want to be… not because we have a contract saying they have to be.


Advice from the Experts

Some tips:

  • Avoid anyone that wants money from you to make you a model or to “sign” you.
  • Avoid any Agency that wants to lock you into a contract, binding you to them for years.
  • In the modeling industry, it is unethical for an agency to charge money for training and marketing models, it is a conflict of interest. Some states have made this practice illegal.
  • The internet is a good source to research modeling scams and related topics. These include modeling schools, model searches, conventions, and portfolio photography.

Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions in regards to any of this.

Email REPRESENTATION SUBMITTALS to: Be sure to INCLUDE: Age, Height and Clothing sizes. The photos, should include one full length shot in slim fitting clothes, and two head/shoulder shots, clean faced, one with smile and one without.

About Brad

Nebraska born and raised Brad Luchsinger has called home the cities of Columbus, Lincoln, Falls City, Omaha and Bennington. He has over 30 years experience as an Actor and Model working in Paris, Tokyo, Hamburg, San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles. Accreditations include being a Member of the Screen Actors Guild for over 10 years. He has over 70 local, regional and national commercial credits. Local theater credits include the Omaha Community Playhouse productions of “A Christmas Carol” as Fred, and in “My Antonia” as Jim Burden, which has the honor of being the highest attended drama in the Playhouse’s 90 plus years, …“in spite of me being in it” Brad adds.

Brad has owned and operated Select Model Management for over 15 years, but for decades has been known as the local go-to-guy for those wanting to know anything about the professions of Modeling and Acting. His background in business and customer service skills includes training from General Motors as a Chevrolet Service Advisor and also as an Owner/Employee of Avis Rent-a-Car San Francisco International Airport.

Brad’s sport hobbies include his powered paraglider, hiking, kayak touring, inline skating, and adventure motorcycling. He’s also known for his skills as a craftsman, he’s renovated Select’s building in Bennington and recently included a 2nd story addition. Originally built as a Bank in 1911 it is now on the National Park Service’s Registry of Historic Places. Brad is also a car guy, he’s received special recognition from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence for his 30 years of continually re-certifying as a Master Automobile Technician. He’s been known as a Chevrolet Engine Performance expert for many decades. He’s also known for his automotive restoration work which has been seen in books, magazines and… “a museum or two”.

Brad loves history and especially anything about Nebraska’s past. “Having seen and lived in other cultures makes me appreciate the fascinating and unique history of our State”.


Mail can be sent to our business office at:
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Our studio is listed on The National Register of Historic Places, and is located at:
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Brad Luchsinger
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